DMA and privacy

Digital Markets Act (DMA) and interoperability: encryption and privacy at risk for messaging systems?

The intent to qualify «gatekeepers» and ensure their platforms are interoperable with other systems could undermine privacy.

28 March 2022 · 5 min · NicFab

The proposed regulation on 'ePrivacy': the current status between the chronology of events and some considerations

An overview on the proposal for a Regulation on ePrivacy

15 February 2022 · 25 min · NicFab
Fine anno 2021

ePrivacy Regulation: the current Perspective

Foto di Pavan Trikutam Previous Next     / [pdf] View the PDF file here. The subject is pretty challenging indeed, considering that the EU proposal on the e-Privacy regulation is under the Institutions’ attention and not defined yet. I created a map consisting of eight sections, where I included all (I hope) the issues related to the proposal on the ePrivacy Regulation, and I will comment on it in each Section....

7 December 2021 · 12 min · NicFab
Fine anno 2021

DAPPREMO: what it is and how to apply the innovative approach to privacy (P1)

DAPPREMO is the acronym for Data Protection and Privacy Relationships Model. It is a relational model, designed and built for the protection of personal data and privacy, based on high-mathematics. DAPPREMO is described for the first time in my book, published in September 2020, entitled “GDPR & Privacy. Awareness and opportunity. The approach with the Data Protection and Privacy Relationships Model (DAPPREMO)" with the preface by Wojciech. R. Wiewiórowski, European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS)....

29 October 2020 · 2 min · NicFab
Fine anno 2021

22 October 2020 - Privacy: orienting in the evolution of phenomena

The event “Privacy: orienting in the evolution of phenomena” organized by the Italian National Bar Council (Consiglio Nazionale Forense - CNF) will be held on 22 October from 15:00 to 17:00 and will be streamed by the CNF on YouTube. We will talk about the protection of personal data and privacy, emphasizing precisely what is the relationship between privacy and the evolution of phenomena. It will be an opportunity to present my latest book entitled “GDPR & Privacy....

21 October 2020 · 1 min · NicFab
Fine anno 2021

Sacrificing Your Privacy in the Fight Against Covid-19: What You Need To Know

Disclaimer We received a request from Augustina Baker (TechWarn) to publish on our blog the contribution titled “Sacrificing Your Privacy in the Fight Against Covid-19: What You Need To Know” written by Jack Warner (TechWarn). We host and publish the guest post from Jack Warner, as received, declining any responsibility for the content and for the opinions expressed by the Author. With cases of Covid-19 growing by the day, stakeholders in the healthcare sector are exploring a wide variety of technological solutions to stem the tide....

15 July 2020 · 4 min · NicFab
Fine anno 2021

Contact tracing and privacy: an oxymoron. Any technical solution is neutral compared to privacy laws

The content of this post is available in PDF for download here: 1. Chronology of events During the last month, i.e. since the focus has increased on the incidence of the COVID-19 pandemic with respect to personal data protection, we have witnessed the publication of the following main measures issued by some institutional bodies: On 16/03/2020 the document entitled “Statement of the EDPB Chair on the processing of personal data in the context of the COVID-19 outbreak” was published with which the Chair of the European Data Protection Board (EDPB), Andrea Jelinek, he declared “Data protection rules (such as GDPR) do not hinder measures taken in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic....

14 April 2020 · 16 min · NicFab
Fine anno 2021

Coronavirus emergency and privacy: valid the juridical approach to the GDPR

The contribution has been published today by Broadband 4 Europe, here. 1. Introduction As is it well-known, the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has profoundly changed our life, habits, communication and interaction between people, ways of working, etc. In essence, we are experiencing a situation that appears surreal because of the consequent behavioural rules that we are obliged to respect with social distancing to fight the battle of COVID-19. This pandemic situation, which in addition to Italy is leading many other states to adopt the most appropriate prevention measures, also entails a series of questions regarding the protection of personal data with which one must confront....

19 March 2020 · 10 min · NicFab
Fine anno 2021

Digital life and privacy: are we fighting against ourselves?

The year is ending and I would propose some food for thoughts. Nowadays it seems that people are slaves of digital life, captured by devices and online social phenomena. What kind of phenomenon are we living? Is it a battle where people fight against digital contents provider or are we fighting against ourselves? Probably, it isn’t precisely a battle, but a matter of approach. The human uncontrollable desire to be potentially anywhere leads us to exalt the power of digital resources if we can be - although virtually - somewhere in the world together with others, showing our presence anyway....

30 December 2019 · 2 min · NicFab
Fine anno 2021

The meaning of scientific research on privacy and personal data protection in international contexts

To my work as a lawyer, I wanted to add that of research, combining legal skills with technical ones; it is not simple; indeed, it is very demanding.It is necessary to always keep in mind that researchers must conduct any research activity with scientific rigour and based on objective elements, without neglecting any other contributions already published. The in-depth study phase of research topics is particularly tricky as it is necessary to always pay maximum attention to the object of the analysis and to the aspects that are intended to be highlighted....

17 September 2019 · 4 min · NicFab