Fine anno 2021

ePrivacy Regulation: the current Perspective

Foto di Pavan Trikutam Previous Next     / [pdf] View the PDF file here. The subject is pretty challenging indeed, considering that the EU proposal on the e-Privacy regulation is under the Institutions’ attention and not defined yet. I created a map consisting of eight sections, where I included all (I hope) the issues related to the proposal on the ePrivacy Regulation, and I will comment on it in each Section....

7 December 2021 · 12 min · NicFab
Fine anno 2021

Whatsapp? No thanks, I prefer to have control over my data

It’s been months since I deleted my account from Whatsapp. However, other users continue to see my active profile and write to me. Among these, unaware of my decisions, some were concerned about not receiving a response, while others were probably angry. The numerous messages and open tickets to support and even the DPO were no use because nothing has changed. The FAQ states, “It may take up to 90 days from the beginning of the deletion process to delete your WhatsApp information....

27 April 2021 · 4 min · NicFab
Fine anno 2021

Our Matrix Server is online

Chapter III of the GDPR is related to the Rights of the data subject. The data subject is at the centre of the system and is the only one entitled to exercise the power of control over their data. In particular, it is well-known as provided by Whereas (7) of the GDPR, according to which Natural persons should have control of their own personal data. Legal and practical certainty for natural persons, economic operators and public authorities should be enhanced....

31 March 2021 · 1 min · NicFab
Fine anno 2021

Aware digital communication respecting privacy and the apps or services you choose

Introduction After our previous post, we are returning to the subject of modern-day communication - digital communication - where we are app users with a solution-conscious approach. The aim is to raise digital users’ awareness of issues relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and privacy. Human beings communicate daily and increasingly (or perhaps almost exclusively) through the use of apps that exploit the Internet: some are exceptionally well-known and popular among users, such as Whatsapp, Signal, Telegram, Messenger, Skype, etc....

18 March 2021 · 13 min · NicFab
Fine anno 2021

Consciously looking at messaging apps: when users want broad freedom and full control over their data

In one of our previous contributions, we stated that the human being needs to communicate (the first axiom of the Palo Alto School)[1] , and the advantage offered by the Internet of interacting with other people even at a distance has been successful. Moreover, numerous popular and scientific contributions described the social evolution (or involution, depending on the point of view), and it is undoubted understandable that it may have legal and juridical repercussions....

8 March 2021 · 8 min · NicFab
Fine anno 2021

DAPPREMO: what it is and how to apply the innovative approach to privacy (P1)

DAPPREMO is the acronym for Data Protection and Privacy Relationships Model. It is a relational model, designed and built for the protection of personal data and privacy, based on high-mathematics. DAPPREMO is described for the first time in my book, published in September 2020, entitled “GDPR & Privacy. Awareness and opportunity. The approach with the Data Protection and Privacy Relationships Model (DAPPREMO)" with the preface by Wojciech. R. Wiewiórowski, European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS)....

29 October 2020 · 2 min · NicFab
Fine anno 2021

22 October 2020 - Privacy: orienting in the evolution of phenomena

The event “Privacy: orienting in the evolution of phenomena” organized by the Italian National Bar Council (Consiglio Nazionale Forense - CNF) will be held on 22 October from 15:00 to 17:00 and will be streamed by the CNF on YouTube. We will talk about the protection of personal data and privacy, emphasizing precisely what is the relationship between privacy and the evolution of phenomena. It will be an opportunity to present my latest book entitled “GDPR & Privacy....

21 October 2020 · 1 min · NicFab
Fine anno 2021

GDPR & Privacy: awareness and opportunities. The approach with the Data Protection and Privacy Relationships Model (DAPPREMO)

After months of hard work, my last book entitled “GDPR & Privacy: awareness and opportunities. The approach with the Data Protection and Privacy Relationships Model (DAPPREMO)” with the Foreword by Wojciech R. Wiewiórowski (EDPS) has been published. In this edition, you can find described the Data Protection and Privacy Relationships Model (its acronym is DAPPREMO) by which I propose a new approach to data protection and privacy. Here is the DAPPREMO logo © Nicola Fabiano - All rights reserved You can find any information on the book and online stores here....

24 September 2020 · 2 min · NicFab
Fine anno 2021

The Court of Justice invalidates adequacy Decision 2016/1250 - Data Protection Shield

Today we read the press release about the decision of the Court of Justice on the Case C-311/18 by which it has been invalided the Decision 2016/1250 on the adequacy of the protection provided by the EU-US Data Protection Shield. That decision is complex, and it needs to be examined carefully, point by point. Transfers of personal data to third countries or international organisations are a very crucial topic that has to be addressed soon by the European Commission both for a new adequacy decision and anyway for new standard contractual clauses....

16 July 2020 · 2 min · NicFab
Fine anno 2021

Contact tracing and privacy: an oxymoron. Any technical solution is neutral compared to privacy laws

The content of this post is available in PDF for download here: 1. Chronology of events During the last month, i.e. since the focus has increased on the incidence of the COVID-19 pandemic with respect to personal data protection, we have witnessed the publication of the following main measures issued by some institutional bodies: On 16/03/2020 the document entitled “Statement of the EDPB Chair on the processing of personal data in the context of the COVID-19 outbreak” was published with which the Chair of the European Data Protection Board (EDPB), Andrea Jelinek, he declared “Data protection rules (such as GDPR) do not hinder measures taken in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic....

14 April 2020 · 16 min · NicFab