Studio Legale Fabiano has a new site

I finished (at least I hope so) the IT activities necessary for the porting of the Studio’s website (Studio Legale Fabiano) from WordPress to Hugo.


Notably, it was not a simple “porting” but a series of additional activities aimed at defining the theme the arrangement of images and code so that the entire site was entirely correct and, therefore, ready to be published.

The activity described was necessary for several reasons, not excluding that of receiving numerous alerts for attempted attacks on the site’s backend. Undoubtedly, it is not the first and certainly not the last one because this also happens on the net between bots and humans.

I don’t want to generate a “religious war” here, but I think WordPress exposes the webmaster and the owner of the site to many risks with continuous maintenance.

That, of course, depends on the purpose of the website.
In my case, the firm’s website does not require any special requirements to achieve specific goals.
It is why the well-known “cost-benefit” analysis led me to consider (as I have done for some time with this blog and other resources already on the web) switching from WordPress to Hugo.

In technical terms, I can say that it was worth it and great satisfaction.

I know I don’t know

The provocation of the Socratic quote that gives the title to this paragraph is very appropriate because the activities described above, which appear simple, are not at all, especially if those who put them in place are not IT professionals.

I had the opportunity to get in touch with Alberto Fulcini, who I publicly thank for the support he gave me for the completion of the theme code arrangement.

Each of us should have the Socratic awareness of “I know I don’t know” because this approach leads only to positive solutions.

Believing to be “arrived”, and therefore “masters”, in any professional field (even in the one in which we work daily) is undoubtedly neither an indication of humility nor an indicator of knowledge. On the contrary, often, the opposite is found.

Today I have learned other new things, and I hope to continue to learn, not only for the professional activity but also for the interests (often governed by passion) as for me is the computer science.

A famous person used to say, “Stay hungry. Stay Foolish.

Well, that is indeed the case.