DAPPREMO is the acronym for Data Protection and Privacy Relationships Model. It is a relational model, designed and built for the protection of personal data and privacy, based on high-mathematics. DAPPREMO is described for the first time in my book, published in September 2020, entitled “GDPR & Privacy. Awareness and opportunity. The approach with the Data Protection and Privacy Relationships Model (DAPPREMO)" with the preface by Wojciech. R. Wiewiórowski, European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS).

The model is described in detail, although it is still being studied in-depth, to refine the complex theme of relationships by always applying mathematics. However, I will try to explain it in simple terms to make it more accessible, also by describing concrete scenarios. In everyday life, we are almost always faced with situations that have a relationship with privacy. To understand the model, it is appropriate to imagine a reality in multi-dimensional terms as if it were a set of objects, each with specific content. We imagine objects as if they were spheres; each of these spheres has a specific content.

In this analysis, we have the privacy/protection of personal data sphere which content is both the current regulations and ethics. Ethics - although not codified in any regulatory provision - coexists with the regulations because it has the same characteristic properties, on the one hand, because there are principles that indirectly recall it (e.g. art.5 GDPR); on the other hand, it has an ontological significance for the value of human dignity (in fact it is the protection of individuals).

Given, therefore, that there is a “privacy entity” - which to make the description clearer I identify as a sphere - we cannot ignore the analysis of reality which is made up of other scenarios, each of them simplifying into as many spheres each with its own content. The reality thus composed of these “objects” (the spheres) may not exist for themselves but related to others.

This link can be simple, as a relationship one to one, or more complex (one to many). The scenario could become complicated if further links (relationships) were identified between the individual elements of each object (sphere) with those of others, that is, of the other spheres. This is the first introductory part of the simplified and basic description of the scenario considered for the DAPPREMO model.

I will publish other contributions to continue illustrating the model.