• Italian Lawyer, Civil Law Specialist, Entitled to represent clients before the Italian High Courts, Founder of Studio Legale Fabiano
  • Former President of the Data Protection Authority of San Marino
  • Independent Researcher - my profile here:
  • Author of books, articles, essays, papers
  • Frequent speaker at national and international conferences
  • NicFab is my blog on which my digital notebook "NicFab Notes" depends.
  • I deepen and write contributions regarding to the impact of technologies (IoT, Blockchain, Robothics, AI, etc.) on Ethics, personal data protection and privacy in the light of current legislation (in Europe, the GDPR).
  • Passionate about Informatics, Technologies, Mac (probably I am addicted … ๐Ÿ˜€), Linux, Python (I would have much time to learn it), Matrix, XMPP.
  • My creation is DAPPREMO (acronym of Data Protection and Privacy Relationships Model), which is a very innovative data protection and privacy model based on set theory and high mathematics.
  • Here my full CV

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