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Privacy Policy We provide this information according to the EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) for those who consult the website https://community.nicfab.it. Note that this information applies only to that website and not to other websites that the user may consult through links. Information to be provided according to Article 13 of the GDPR. At the outset, it should be clear that the administrator of a Lemmy instance is obliged, in their capacity as data controller, to provide information to the data subject according to Article 13 of the GDPR....

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Matomo opt-in or opt-out [EN]: Allow tracking (or choose 2) - [IT]: Consento al tracking (o scegli 2) [EN]: Disallow tracking - [IT]: Non consento al tracking Opt-in: [EN] You allowed tracking - [IT] Hai consentito al tracking Opt-out: [EN] You are not tracked - [IT] I dati di sessione non sono raccolti. If you have chosen “Allow tracking” we remind you that we will collect your data only in an anonymous and aggregated manner as reported in this policy....

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Italian Lawyer, Civil Law Specialist, Entitled to represent clients before the Italian High Courts, Founder of Studio Legale Fabiano Former President of the Data Protection Authority of San Marino Independent Researcher - my profile here: ORCID ResearchGate Author of books, articles, essays, papers Frequent speaker at national and international conferences NicFab is my blog on which my digital notebook "NicFab Notes" depends. I deepen and write contributions regarding to the impact of technologies (IoT, Blockchain, Robothics, AI, etc....

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Videos related to some of my interventions. Intervention (in Italian) to the Italian event “PrivacyDay” - Arezzo - 2010 Interview (in Italian) at the Italian “Forum ICT Security” - Rome - 2011 Intervention on “Intelligent Systems, Ethics and Data Protection at the International Conference (IMCIC 2019)” - Orlando, Florida (USA) - 12-15/3/2019 Interview (in Italian) at the “5th anual Congress of ASSODPO” - Milan, 8/5/2019 Intervention (in Italian) at the book launch event “GDPR & privacy: consapevolezza e opportunità....

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